Jarrett Jack… More than Bosh’s friend…

It’s been official for more than 24 hours now… the press conference is done… jersey number being negotiated (gotta get #3 off of Banks)… and all I hear from the blogs and news articles is how Bosh n Jack are close, and how it’ll make it more comfortable for Bosh, etc… I don’t’ necessarily disagree with this… It was evident during the press conference that Bosh and Jarrett are close but there must be more to that… BC kept raving about the fact that this was a basketball decision and that Jack’s friendship with Bosh was a bonus. I’m here to attempt to put some validity to that statement with a thought that occurred to me this morning.

Jarrett Jack’s role in our team is still up in the air: Does he play PG? SG? back up both? etc… I’m here to propose a seemingly perfect fit and may even lead to an award at the end of the year… Yes, you guessed it… Sixth Man…

It’s been stated that Jack has the capabilities of being a starting PG in this league, and i don’t doubt that. He’s talented, a good locker room presence and can lead the team (he arguably stole TJ Ford’s starting role in Indiana last season). And what I keep reading about Jack’s game is that he’s a well rounded player who can pass, shoot, penetrate and defend. This seems to be a perfect description of great sixth men in this league. I know stats isn’t everything but bare with me for a second while I pull these out. I took the winners of the sixth man award the past three years and compared them. The stats’ll be from the years that they won (with their career avgs in brackets). We’ll take Jack’s numbers from last year assuming that he’ll be just as good (most project that he’ll be hitting his prime this season or the next)

‘06-’07 – Leandro Barbosa (Suns – 4th year in the league)
‘07-’08 – Manu Ginobili (Spurs – 6th year in the league)
‘08-’09 – Jason Terry (Mavs – 10th year in the league)
‘09-’10 – Jarrett Jack (Let’s not get ahead of ourselves LOL – entering 5th year in the league))

PTS (career):
19.6 (16.2) – Terry
19.5 (14.7) – Manu
18.1 (12.9) – Barbosa
13.1 (10.4) – Jack

AST (career):
4.5 (3.6) – Manu
4.1 (4.0) – Jack
4.0 (2.7) – Barbosa
3.4 (4.9) – Terry

RBS (career): [ppl say raps need rebounding so what the heck]
4.8 (4.1) – Manu
3.3 (2.7) – Jack
2.7 (2.4) – Barbosa
2.4 (2.9) – Terry

MINS (career)
33.7 (33.9) – Terry
33.1 (28.6) – Jack
32.7 (25.9) – Barbosa
31.0 (27.7) – Manu

So there they are… the four are similar in steals all hovering around 1 a game and all shoot around 45% from the field (Jack is last)…
I’m not saying that Jack SHOULD win the sixth man of the year or am saying that Jack is just as good as Manu or Jason Terry but these three guys have made a living as sixth men for playoff contending teams. My aim is to get people to realize that Jack has the potential to get to where they are. These guys have played 2-5 years longer in the league than Jack and are older than the 25 year old so needless to say Jack’s got the potential to shoot those numbers up. I can see Jarrett Jack as a 30 minute a night sixth man with the minutes coming from both the 1 and 2 spots. He’s a good perimeter defender in both spots and an excellent leader; Jack’s intangibles (along with the stats) are just right…
So what am I trying to say?

Well, stop hating on this deal! Stop all the buzz about how Jack got brought in for Bosh… Brian Colangelo is Genius, Genius is as what Genius does… He saw a need and addressed it, and IMO couldn’t have gotten anyone that would fit better than Jack. The Bosh thing is great and may will have a pull in whether or not Bosh will stay post 2010 but why is that the focal point? Jarrett Jack CAN PLAY! I’m more excited about the fact that not only do we have an excellent starting unit but we now have a guy who can potentially be one of the better sixth men in the league. Manu, Terry, Barbosa… watch out…


~ by James on July 22, 2009.

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  1. BFFs FOREVER!!!!!!!1

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