raps over magic… nuff said…

OH MAN… It’s been quite a while but after a 5 game streak and the last coming from a HUGE win over the Magic I’ve gotta blog… The idiocy of the man on the other end of the radio waves on the fan 590 after the game added fuel to the fire… I didn’t get to watch the game because of TSN2 but i managed to catch the last 3 mins on the fan and the last minute at Boston Pizza (I’m actually waiting for the replay on RapsTV right now) but I saw/heard enough to see that the raptors aren’t what their record may say they are…

Tonight we, the 14th seed, BEAT the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference… Regardless of the record, this 5 game run has solidified a few things that I’ve been saying all season…

yeah okay, he only dropped 7 points and 5 boards but his defense was “teh pwn”… yea, Dwight dropped 30… but Dwight actually had to work for those 20 [10 shots] (10 of them from the line)… just brings me back to the Phoenix game when Shaq dropped 40+ effortlessly… Dwight has the talent and skill to do that but but he didn’t… Joey’s 1 ON 1, lemme say that again… 1 ON 1 defense on Dwight was amazing…

THING 2: the Toronto Raptors is a good team…
I’m tired of hearing the so called “fans” that keep saying things like “the raptors suck”, “we need to trade so and so” and “we need to do so and so”… The Toronto Raptors isn’t a bad team. This is where the idiocy of the gentlemen on the other side of the radio waves comes in to play. After the game I get in my van and start heading home and hear a rant from this radio host saying something along the lines of “this isn’t something to be proud about”, “in the end they’re still 14th seed”, “this has been a crappy season” and comparing the raptors’ late season run to a team who was down by 26 in the beginning of the 4th quarter and going on a run and only losing by 6, a loss is a loss… I have to agree with two of the four… this HAS been a crappy season, and a loss IS a loss but to dis their play in this game was simply uncalled for… The Raptors have showed, in these last 5 games, who the raptors are… not “can be”… ARE…

THING 3: Jose Calderon is one of the BEST point guards in the league
You’re watching what a healthy Jose Calderon can do… All season long I’ve been hearing people saying “we kept the wrong point guard” or “we need to trade Jose”… and all season long I’ve been saying “why would you get rid of one of the best point guards in the league”… I’d just like to thank Jose for proving my point… name me 5 point guards that’s had 19 ast in a game, not to mention his 22 points and ONLY 4 turn overs… and follow it with a 21 pt, 8 ast game? I don’t even feel like i need to say much more… Leo Rautins put it best in the post game show… When asked what’s made the difference, Leo said “maybe it’s just time… a new philosophy, a new system… these things take time” the most memorable part was when he was talking about how people were injured and when it came to Jose he said that he was “maybe the most important guy”…

The replay on RapsTV is playing so let me leave you with a few words from Bosh after tonight’s win… “We (the team) were the only ones who were staying positive… we were the only ones who knew what they we are capable of”… i beg to differ, I’ve been positive and have known all season, but he’s got a good point…


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~ by James on April 2, 2009.

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